Faroese Confederation of Sports & Olympic Committee

Who We Are

The Faroese Confederation of Sports & Olympic Committee [FCSOC] was formed in 1939 and our Olympic Committee in 1982. The FCSOC is run by the Executive Board consisting of (pr. 23.08.22):

  • Elin Heðinsdóttir Joensen – President
  • Magnus Tausen – Vice President
  • John Kjær – Member
  • Anna Maria Toftegaard – Member
  • Kerstin Laksáfoss – Member
  • Hávard Vatnhamar – Athletes Board
  • Petur Mittún – Secretary General

What We Do
The FCSOC is funded by the Faroese Government and Ítróttarvedding (the Faroese Lottery). The majority of the FCSOC’s budget goes towards supporting its 24 sports associations with over 100 sports clubs, ranging from grass roots through to elite sport, and anti-doping. The FCSOC also oversees a comprehensive athlete/coach development system as well as significant investment in sports facilities.

In addition, we provide strategic leadership concerning the Faroe Islands’ relationship with international sports organisations such as the International Olympic Committee, the European Olympic Committees, International Federations [we are currently recognised by eight and are actively working to grow this number], and the International Island Games Association.

We also lead the Faroe Islands’ campaign for Olympic recognition.

Our Case for Olympic Recognition
The Faroe Islands has been a self-governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark since 1948 and the only way – at least for now – that our athletes can compete in the Olympic Games is as part of the Danish National Olympic Committee.

This situation means our athletes are in an Olympic no-man’s land. For a few weeks every four years, they have to compete under a different flag. This is heart breaking for them.

Against this confusing backdrop, the FCSOC is leading a campaign to secure Olympic recognition for the Faroe Islands – an ambition our nation has held for more than 40 years.

Please click here to read our Olympic Recognition campaign brochure

You can follow our campaign via @FaroeOlympic

Sport in the Faroe Islands
Sport is a way of life in the Faroe Islands with 1 in 3 of the population members of sports clubs while 86% of children on the Faroe Islands actively participate in organised sport.

We are proud that:

  • All sport on the islands is self-funded
  • We have 20 sports halls, 18 pools (including a 50m), two athletics tracks, 22 full scale football pitches and more than 100 FIFA pitches (smaller pitches with artificial grass) to serve the population of 51,000
  • 51 million Euro has been invested in sporting facilities since 2002
  • An additional 55 million Euro is now committed to sports facilities by 2025, taking total overall investment since 2002 to 106 million Euro.
  • Future developments include the completion of the National Football Stadium, along witha new 50m swimming pool and multisport facilities in the capital Tórshavn.  Other planned facilities include a dual purpose football and athletics stadium in Klaksvík, a new 25m pool in Runavik, and an 18-hole golf course on Streymoy – the first on the Faroe Islands.