estetiskt hm
Dear friends from around the world
Dear friends of Gymnastics
Dear friends of Sports

It gives me great pleasure as the president of the Confederation of Sports of the Faroe Islands to welcome you to the Aesthetic Group Gymnastics World Championships 2015 (twenty fifteen) here in the Faroes.

There are about 15.000 (fifteen thousand) registered athletes in the Faroes out of a total population of around 49.000 (forty nine thousand).

Gymnastics is a popular and well established sport in the Faroes.

Traditionally emphasis has been placed on artistic and rhythmic gymnastics but in these last few years aesthetic group gymnastics has become really popular.

So we are all extremely happy and proud to host the World Championships.

Our Gymnastics Federation has been working hard for a long time to prepare for this competition, and finally the day has arrived.

Our wish for every single one of you is that you will have a competition where you achieve your goals.

We also hope that you will have some time to see some of the sights in our beautiful islands.

Thanks again for coming to the Faroes.

Please enjoy your stay. And good luck!

Petur Elias Petersen, ÍSF-forseti