ÍSF hevur fingið hesa innbjóðing til altjóða ítrótta- og fitness ráðstevnu í Íslandi:

The Keilir Health and Sport Academy kindly invite The Faroes Confederation of Sports and Olympic Committee and all your Members Associations (sersambond) to send your sport trainers, coaches and physiotherapists to our ”International Sports and Fitness Summit”, Feb. 24-26,  2011 at the Keilir Sport Center in Keflavik, Iceland. The Summit is organized in co-operation with the National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland. Three well known U.S. authorities in sports training and rehabilitation will give lectures and hands-on-training at the Summit: Mr. Dave Jack, Mr. Eric Cressey and Mr. Nick Tumminello. These three trainers are listed among the world’s best in strength, conditioning and rehabilitation. Please see enclosed Program and Press Release.

We kindly invite all your trainers and physiotherapists to register for the Summit before Feb. 15, 2011 through ISF and have  25% discount of the registration fee. A single room at Guesthouse in Asbru, where the seminar takes place is DKK 150 per night only.

We hope to see many of your trainers, coaches and physiotherapists at our Summit.

International Sports and Fitness Summit

February 24 – 26, 2011 at the Keilir Sport Center in Keflavik, Iceland


For information and registration please contact:

Keilir Health Academy – Secretariat,

Mrs. Gunnhildur Vilbergsdottir,Manager

Phone: +354 578 4000 Fax: +354 578 4001

E-mail: sportconferences@keilir.net

see also; (http://en.keilir.net/keilir/conferences/summit-for-trainers-and-coaches).